Volume 95, Issue 15

Wednesday, September 26, 2001
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I think tea is great

Re: "Tea with Osama bin Laden?," Sept. 21

To the Editor:

If I didn't know better, I would say Mr. Coveyduck was writing an instruction manual which could be entitled "how to create a thousand and one terrorists."

The fact of the matter is, if America decides to respond with violence to the events of last week, it will alienate and disillusion more people into groups like bin Laden's.

As the English discovered in Ireland and as Israel is learning in the occupied territories, a military response only leads to further escalation of violence by both sides.

I think tea is a great beverage, the caffeine greatly aids all-night discussions.

Sure beats the horrors of last week. It's not a natural state of affairs when individuals take their own lives in suicide missions.

The terrorists who perpetuated the awful atrocities in New York must have felt their options were pretty limited.

If America really wants to end terrorism around the world, know that it requires only one easy step: talk to the so-called 'terrorists' until they reach a compromise on American fiscal policies that doesn't leave half the world in despicable poverty.

Matt Rae

History III

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