Volume 95, Issue 15

Wednesday, September 26, 2001
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Re: "Posing for profits," Sept. 20

To the Editor:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling calendars with beautiful people in them. Such calendars have been selling for decades and will sell for many more.

The pictures in the "W" Girls and "W" Boys calendars are said to be tasteful and classy while still looking sexy. There is nothing wrong with expressing our sexuality in a tasteful way. I don't know one person who doesn't like to feel sexy sometimes.

It seems to me every time a woman shows some cleavage there is a women's issues group who thinks it's inappropriate. I am disturbed by the way the Women's Issues Network is trying to deter females from supporting this cause.

The University Students' Council also seems to be jumping on the politically correct bandwagon by not supporting this fund-raiser. Apparently these calendars "reinforce negative stereotypes about Western students."

Give me a break. If the sales of this calendar reach the projected number, Western will have largely contributed to the New York City relief fund. There is a lot of money to be made.

How can we pass up an opportunity to help at such a magnitude? If you ask me, rejecting this opportunity will tarnish the reputation of Western to a much higher degree.

I hereby challenge the Women's Issues Network and the USC to execute a fundraiser that will match the contribution of Atkins' calendars.

Ryan Bince

Honours Business Administration II

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