Volume 95, Issue 15

Wednesday, September 26, 2001
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'De-robing for charity' crusade?

Re: "Posing for profits," Sept. 20

To the Editor:

The opinion column written by the editors in last Thursday's Gazette reflected a failure of comprehension.

The firemen not only in London, but all across America, have been using the calendars to raise money for charity. The cover model for a New York firemen's calendar was killed saving lives at the World Trade Center.

These calendars will be dedicated to him and to the other firemen who lost their lives.

Let us not forget that far more provocative and evocative images have been used to raise money with very positive results.

For instance, Fashion Cares is an organization which raises money for AIDS research. All of their advertisements are almost all nude.

Recently, a group of women in British Columbia put out an all-nude calendar to help raise money to save the forests.

Tolerance and freedom of expression are two key tenets of democratic societies. A war may soon be fought to protect such values. Many have recently been quick to judge certain cultures and religions without knowing the truth. You are following in their path.

To address some of your concerns: the students selected are not of "one man's eyes" as you put it but rather of the over 30 men and women who have been helping me put the calendar together, not to mention their friends who have been trying to find men and women all across Western.

We will be taking pictures of people of many races, creeds, cultures and religions. Although 12 pictures will not be able to capture Western's diversity, we will take pictures with more than one person or have more than one picture in a month.

What does this say about our student body and how they respond to a tragedy like this?

Well, I worked in New York this summer and my family lives in New York and Florida.

Many of our family friends are still missing and were lost on that tragic day. I was upset, but instead of opening a lemonade stand, I got creative.

I challenge all of you critics to help out with this calendar and give your input in how you would like the students to look. At least be more informed when making your opinions.

Lucas Atkins

Honours Business Administration II

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