Volume 95, Issue 15
Wednesday, September 26, 2001
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Gas mask panic
Fearing bilogical attack, Londoners scurry for protection

With the threat of terrorism now on their door steps, more and more Londoners are gearing themselves up to fight the battle.

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©Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
MAKING IT WORK. The Salvation Army's newly renovated storage shed, situated behind their downtown location on Horton St., houses up to 30 homeless people, recenly relocated from a Tent City erected in a downtown park.

Homeless find new digs

Tents are no longer home to two dozen of London's homeless people. Instead, a newly-renovated storage area will provide accommodation and support throughout the coming winter.

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UWO gets gypped: only $2.7 million

SuperBuild bucks have come rolling in – though not with the kind of avalanche Western officials were hoping for in order to keep its facilities in tiptop shape.

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Varsity 'blues'

The University of Toronto was hit with a $9.4 million lawsuit yesterday by a prominent British psychiatrist citing breach of contract, defamation and breach of academic freedom.

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Let them drink booze; hicks get liquor

The Ontario government's recent announcement to create a privately-owned LCBO franchise system for under-serviced areas has raised concerns across the province.

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Sue knows she's a sex goddess
Dr. Johanson gets explicit today at The Wave

Sue Johanson is Canada's sex education goddess and she knows it.

"I did it in Canada, it's wonderful and very flattering," she says when asked about how she feels being the nation's key pioneer in sex education. 

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Mustangs suffer first loss

The Western men's soccer club came out with a "yay-nay" result over the past weekend after splitting two matches in the Waterloo area. 

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Campus Inquisition

What posters do you have on your walls at home?

Courtney Newell
Health Sciences I

Ian Douglas
English/Anthropology III


"'Angel'" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I'm going to look for more."

"Phish, Jerry Garcia, Miles Davis, a beer poster and Jessica Simpson."

"Blues Clues-- that's all he wants on his walls." (according to his mom)