Volume 95, Issue 15

Wednesday, September 26, 2001
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UWO gets gypped: only $2.7 million

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

SuperBuild bucks have come rolling in – though not with the kind of avalanche Western officials were hoping for in order to keep its facilities in tiptop shape.

Western will receive $2.7 million this year from the Ontario SuperBuild Corporation, an agency of the Ministry of Finance, to renovate and renew facilities, confirmed media advisor for the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Tanya Cholakov.

"The funding is intended to be used as a supplement to the university's own [funding], to make sure the facilities meet the needs of students and their programs," she said.

Cholakov said this includes improving efficiency and providing additional spaces for students at Western and its affiliates.

Dave Riddell, associate vice-president of physical plant and capital planning services, said improvements will include road replacements, technological and architectural classroom upgrades, ventilation upgrades and roof repairs.

In particular, the Physics and Astronomy, Medical Science and Biological and Geographical Sciences buildings will see repairs and renovations as a result of this grant, Riddell said.

"We have a $150 million deferred maintenance list and we need $10-15 million a year to overcome that and maintain our facilities at the current level.

"We are still running short but we are trying to do our best with the money we have available," he said.

Cholakov said the total facility renewal funding available from SuperBuild for Western in 2001-2002 is $9,596,240, while the $18,525,154 University of Toronto will receive is the most of any Ontario school.

Cholakov said Ontario universities are allotted funding based on a ministry formula. "Funds are distributed based on needs and various factors such as the state of buildings. It's quite complex."

Mohammad Nakahooda, communications assistant for SuperBuild, said it is up to the individual ministries to decide how they will spend SuperBuild funding.

"SuperBuild's role is to allocate capital to ministries, for ministries to spend on their various initiatives," he said.

Chris Sinal, affiliate college senator, said the $500,000 of funding to be distributed to Brescia, Huron and Kings will be extremely beneficial.

"It will directly benefit students. Academic upgrades, better classrooms and better classes will happen as a result [and] I think it will be appreciated by students, professors and staff alike," he said.

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