Volume 95, Issue 15

Wednesday, September 26, 2001
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Temperance to spare

To the Editor:

This is in response to all the opinions The Gazette has printed and I have heard around campus about why the terrorists did what they did and why America's treatment of others may have had something to do with their motivation.

I would like to express that I do not feel Americans go around oppressing people and I do not feel we, as Western people, cause the rest of the world to live in poverty.

The reason, as I see it, for massive poverty in certain regions of the world has a lot more to do with those country's own governments. They don't understand economics and they don't have things like minimum wages, unions and other things which are there to protect people from corporations.

I had a friend of mine say to me the other day that, by spending a dollar in our economy, I was killing people in third world countries. That is ridiculous.

Western civilization is a capitalist one, we use every advantage we can get. This is why our corporations hire people in Third World countries for disgustingly low wages.

This, however, does not mean it is our fault their wages are so low. It is because their governments don't want to make minimum wages and risk losing business to countries without minimum wages.

With respect to Iraq, I would say America does oppress this country, but with good reason. This last attack illustrates that.

If we were to allow them to rebuild their military or to buy biological substances that can be used as medicine or as biological weapons, we might wake up one day and hear a plane had crashed into the CN Tower filled with Anthrax or some other deadly biological weapon.

My last point is about people who are so worried America will go way overboard in their retaliation. I think the United States has shown a great deal more temperance than I would have expected.

Doug Chesterman

Engineering III

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