Volume 95, Issue 16

Thursday, September 27, 2001
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American Analog Set to fun O'clock tonight

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American Analog Set to fun O'clock tonight

By Mike Armstrong
Gazette Writer

Gazette File Photo
"IT GETS YOU IN THE GROOVE AND AFTER THAT, ANYTHING GOES." Andrew Kenny talks seductively about his love for music.

In the grip of trauma, grief, anger and all the emotions that follow a horrific event like the attack on America, the best way musicians and entertainers can help is to keep doing what they do best: performing.

Rockers American Analog Set are doing their best to help out the best way they know.

"[We're] happy to be that distraction from the chaos outside, if only for an hour or ninety minutes," Andrew Kenny, vocalist and guitarist says. "I think we're doing something constructive, something important."

Fortunately for the band, no band members suffered any immediate losses in the Sept. 11 attack. "We would have definitely stopped touring and went home though [if we had lost someone], out of respect for the families," Kenny assures, expressing the band's deepest sympathy to the many families affected.

Despite everything, American Analog Set maintain they're enjoying the current tour and, all things considered, it's going quite well. But for anyone who thinks touring consists of nothing but beer, groupies and partying; it's not all fun and games, Kenny warns.

"It is tight. Sometimes we don't even know where we'll be playing next and just getting the basic necessities of life can be difficult," he says.

Factor in all the weird things liable to happen to a band on tour and it definitely paints an incredible picture. "The usual tour stuff, well, you get guns pulled on you," he says. "I say that like it's happened more than once. It only really happened one time in West Palm Beach."

Of course, that kind of thing could never have happened in Canada as Kenny is of the opinion Canadians are much too nice.

Playing live isn't easy, even for these six-year veterans and being nervous is part of the live experience. "When we go on tour, we have one or two songs that we play first, things we can execute very well pretty much every time. It gets you in that groove and then after that, anything goes," Kenny says.

American Analog Set is currently touring in support of their fourth and most recent album, Know By Heart, released earlier this month. Since the release, it has been well-received by fans both far and wide.

"It's a different album than the previous three, with a little different vibe. It's got a few shorter, more upbeat and faster songs like 'The Only One,' which is a different spin," Kenny explains. "With the new record, it's really hard to make comparisons."

However, comparisons persist. The members of American Analog Set have thus learned to deal with constant comparisons to acts like Sterolab, although there is still some evident tension.

"As [Sterolab] put out more and more records that I don't like, it's becoming discouraging. If I didn't like it in 1995, I definitely haven't grown to like it in 2001," Kenny states bluntly.

Upon the October completion of this current tour, what does American Analog Set have planned? Another CD? More touring? World domination? All wrong. The vote was unanimous: "When we get back, we are just going to sit back, rest and enjoy family."

Still, Kenny assures fans another CD lies in American Analog Set's future. As for right now though, they're just happy to be on tour, doing what they enjoy.

American Analog Set will be rocking Call the Office tonight. Doors open @ 9 p.m. and tickets are $5.

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