Volume 95, Issue 16

Thursday, September 27, 2001
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Duty to help

To the Editor:

I have been disappointed, but not surprised, by some of the anti-American letters in The Gazette recently.

Some have attempted to blame American foreign policy for the attacks and now caution against the use of military force and any role Canada may play in such an action.

There is no doubt America has made mistakes in the past and, in some situations, has probably killed innocent civilians.

However, one cannot morally equate the incidental killing of civilians, while spreading principles of freedom, with policing brutal regimes with the deliberate targeting of civilians and property.

Canada has greatly benefited financially from our relationship with the United States.

This is in addition to being protected by America's security blanket while contributing little to it ourselves. I believe Canada's defense spending is only half of the NATO average.

We have a duty to stand by the United States in her time of need and contribute to any response against the friends of terrorists.

Since many of you will not be convinced we have a moral duty to stand by the U.S., I leave you with the geographic argument. The next attack may involve not planes, but nuclear or biological weapons.

When the radiation or anthrax starts to make its way north, we will all find out very quickly that the border is not a protective wall, but merely a line on a map. Its time to fight back with our friends.

Eric Freedman


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