Volume 95, Issue 16

Thursday, September 27, 2001
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A horrible thing

To the Editor:

Terrorism is a horrible thing. For those who live through it, lives turn into nightmares.

I, for one, am appalled we live in such a callous world. But I am not surprised. Violence has long been a crutch that bullies and intellectual lightweights use. It is also a last resort of the desperate.

Whatever the situation was that drove some to those heinous deeds on Sept. 11, let us not be sucked into that world.

Let's prove that the fire of freedom and democracy burns in us by dealing with this problem fairly and justly. For that, we must realize one cannot defend such concepts by desecrating the very tenets on which they are founded.

War, they say, is terrorism magnified a thousand times. Over one million starving Afghanis could die by midwinter and thousands of new bin Ladens will be created if things continue as it seems they will.

Yet we cannot sit back and do nothing. Fighting this war, however, is not an option. We would be less safe and less principled because of it.

Instead, our war must be the more difficult one – to educate ourselves and never become complacent in the face of human suffering.

If we want to begin to make real sacrifices, let's start with our need for retribution and not with more innocent lives. Let us discard our comfortable notions of black versus white.

We are all participants in this world and responsible for all things that happen in it. Every time an innocent is killed, so is a part of us. When someone kills, we are, in part, accomplices.

We must ask: why this is happening? If we can understand that, the proper course of action will reveal itself.

Jesse Greener

Ph.D. Candidate Physics and Astronomy

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