Volume 95, Issue 16

Thursday, September 27, 2001
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No need to cry, we're being progressive

To the Editor:

As soon as the words 'pin-up,' 'models' and 'calendar' were uttered, the critics went to work.

Their response to the proposed "W" Boys & "W" Girls Calendars are unfortunately the same regurgitated, post-feminist arguments we have heard time and time again.

Let it be known that the intention of these calendars is not to exploit women. These calendars are intended to celebrate physical beauty. Remind me again what is so wrong with that?

Other critics believe these calendars will amplify Western's party school reputation.

Western's image has been years in the making and it is unlikely this initiative will dramatically alter these strongly embedded perceptions.

Our school should be applauded for using such a creative and proactive approach to aiding our U.S. neighbours. The purpose of these calendars is to generate funds for those who were affected by the tragedies in the U.S..

I agree the vehicle chosen to generate these funds is not as politically neutral as say a lemonade stand or car wash.

But so what? University campuses are supposed to be progressive and liberal institutions and have never been known to host the politically neutral.

Brenda O'Connor

Honours Business Administration IV

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