Volume 95, Issue 16

Thursday, September 27, 2001
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Decision making 101

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Decision making 101

To the Editor:

When someone has the task of making a decision, a sane individual must take into consideration all the facts.

Decisions, especially those of international concern and consequence, should not be made based entirely on one's own interests. One must have respect and be considerate to all parties involved.

Not everyone can be happy and people must sacrifice some needs for the sake of compromise. In essence, everyone should be satisfied if it is clearly shown that an effort has been made for co-operation in the name of fairness.

For the world outside North America and Europe, this is not the case. For too long, I believe they have been subjected to a double standard which has polarized their view of the west.

The dominant ideology of Western societies, which includes notions of justice, freedom and democracy, has been an illusion for those residing in other parts of the world.

How can a person living in these parts of the world respect these ideas when many in the West have abused them?

A contemporary example is that of Iraq, whose civilians have been deprived of their basic human needs since the introduction of economic sanctions by the United States.

The scope of this commentary is to make people aware there's a double standard. Those responsible for the atrocious acts committed on Sept. 11 should be brought to justice.

We should, however, not forget the victims. Most importantly, in search of these criminals, we should not create other victims.

Creating other victims would be a disgrace to the memory of those who died on Sept. 11. It is imperative that we not create another double standard.

Erol Asim

Computer Science IV

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