Volume 95, Issue 17

Friday, September 28, 2001
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OSAP – it takes too long to process and it never seems to be enough to pay for books and booze. Sorry books, maybe next year.

Cold weather and rain – just great. It's not like we needed rain in the summer when it was a trillion degrees outside.

Clubs week – and any other special week that invites people to stand still in the UCC.

People – stupid people, smelly people, people with big knapsacks, people who get in my way, especially in the Atrium when I'm on my way to work.

Stupid pedestrians – get off the bike paths! Unless you have wheels for feet, the bike path is not intended to be strolled down you idiot! They're bike paths for a reason: so you won't get run over by a crazy out of control cyclist. P.S. – don't cross the street when the advanced green light flashes at Lambton and University Drive – the 'do not cross' hand lights up so you don't get run over by your fellow hooligans with SUVs.


Juice boxes – oh, the memories of bumpy, yellow school bus rides and the straws that always manage to crack while trying to free them from the plastic holders.

Revenge – always sweet, especially when you make the victim cry.

Paycheques – even when you technically make $1.94/hour, money is wonderful, money is great, money pays for things like food and shelter.

Sarcasm – if you don't get it, you're stupid

Michael Jackson – at 43, he can still dance. Further proof he is a big plastic robot.

Ben Folds – Rockin' the Suburbs is one of the best new releases of late. Sham on!

Sex with Sue Johanson – $3 for "sex" is by far the best deal in town.

–Andrea Chiu

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