Volume 95, Issue 17

Friday, September 28, 2001
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The UBC prank: breaking and entering

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From Pam to Parliament Hill and beyond

Tories, snow and free beer

An anti-country club

Getting sauced

History in print

1906 – first issue of In Cap and Gown, a hand-written literature newspaper.

1908 – first printed version of In Cap and Gown published.

1910 – name changed to Western University Gazette.

1920 – name changed again to Western U Gazette. The paper published once per week and cost 10 cents per issue, or $1 for a one year subscription.

1929 – name changed again to The University of Western Ontario Gazette.

1931 – a tabloid format was adopted as a result of the extra work on style and presentation.

1932 – editors attempted to publish twice per week, but efforts were sporadic.

1933 – The Gazette name was first used but staff reverted to former name on and off for four years.

1937 – The Gazette name was finally permanently adopted. The Canadian University Press formed with The Gazette as its founding member.

1940 – the first Gazette hoax took place. On Oct. 11, the paper claimed the JW Little Memorial Stadium had been sold and was to be used for military training. To the staff's surprise, the story was taken seriously.

1953 – Gazette news began to get more attention as opposed to university sports.

1960s – news was getting more prominence and The Gazette became a newspaper in every sense of the word. The paper attracted many talented writers and editors.

1991 – The Gazette went quasi-daily and began publishing four times a week.

1997 – The Gazette newspaper went online.

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