Volume 95, Issue 17

Friday, September 28, 2001
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Getting sauced

Getting sauced

Jim Rankin

Then: Photo Editor 1987-1988

Now: Staff Reporter-Photographer at

The Toronto Star

It was really all about debauchery.

Getting sauced. Vomiting, where required. Oh, yes – we did put out a paper twice a week. But there was beer and plenty of it. Also the odd Purple Jesus binge, which inevitably led to drunken stump jumps, and lost time on a dialysis machine and/or in traction.

Somehow the paper would come together and we managed to learn while we went. And we, as people and budding journalists, grew, despite irreparable brain damage caused by said booze (which might help explain why so many of us abandoned scholarly pursuits and wound up working as ink-stained hacks).

Congratulations Gazette on 95 years. I feel privileged – and forever scarred – to have been involved in a small part of that.

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