Volume 95, Issue 17

Friday, September 28, 2001
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Welcome Home Again

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Welcome Home Again

When you walk around this picturesque campus packed with nostalgic alumni this Homecoming weekend, throw etiquette to the wind and do some eaves-dropping.

Take notice of how many conversations you hear that revolve around studying, tests, exams and academics in general. Chances are they will be few and far between.

More likely to be hot topics for alumni banter will be things like the time an entire house spelled M.U.S.T.A.N.G on their chest at a football game, or the time an engineering class successfully drank The Ceeps dry or maybe even simply the euchre games that lasted all night in the halls of Saugeen. There's a message here kids.

Find a niche in this place and do not hesitate to dedicate yourself to it. Personalize your university experience to ensure when you return five, ten or fifty years from this date, you have something tangible to return to.

Create a memory or vision of what this place once was to you so that the skewed vision of hindsight will allow you to remember only the good times you had, while the academic ulcers you suffered fade quickly out of focus.

The alumni arriving by air, land and maybe even sea all have something that calls them back to this place. They are motivated by a foundation laid years ago. They may have painted their faces, got themselves on the radio, hugged the most toilets – it really doesn't matter how they defined themselves, the point is they did.

Yes, the education they received here served them well. It provided the means necessary to sustain a good lifestyle, raise a family and make sure the fun content of their lives did not drop too dramatically when they left this oasis in life called university.

In short, education put the money in their pocket, but it sure as hell isn't responsible for the smile on their face when they stroll through the Richmond Gates on the way to TD Waterhouse Stadium this Saturday.

Learn from the wide eyes you see on the faces of Western's former students. They should tip you off to the notion that these years are a haven in your life.

Glorious, glorious transition years when you still get to be idealistic without consequence, have alarm clocks with a negotiate button and generally dodge that evil thing known in most adult circles as reality. Even the most staunch anti-spirit student has to admit – university isn't a bad gig.

Whether you realize it now or not, this is a place to which you will want to return. If you hope to make your Homecoming of the future something truly special, it is absolutely imperative that during your time at Western, you create something worth coming home to.

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