Volume 95, Issue 17

Friday, September 28, 2001
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Playing by American rules

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Playing by American rules

Re: "Temperance to spare," Sept. 26

To the Editor:

Some people are still under the delusion that Third World poverty is completely self-induced.

These countries do not have minimum wages and unions for very good reasons.

The way things stand, it seems impossible for them to put these things in place because of wonderful initiatives instituted by the International Monetary Fund (read as: our beloved brother, the United States).

What sort of demands does the IMF make? Well, they want to stimulate economic growth.

What kind of growth? Foreign investment. Great idea. Jobs for them and a manufacturing base for the multinational corporations.

These aren't recommendations, these seem to be demands. Since a number of countries all have to meet these demands, if one country lowers the bar, the others seem to have to follow.

It is not a matter of understanding economics. In fact, the governments of these nations understand economics all too well. So well, in fact, they realize they have to play by the rules made by the United States.

Adrian Zylawy

Anthropology III

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