Volume 95, Issue 5

Friday, September 7, 2001
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Warning: mallrats need not apply

By Andrea Chiu
Gazette Staff

If you're lucky enough to have some money left over after paying for tuition, books and school supplies, your natural instincts may lead you to Masonville Place for some new clothes.

However, think twice before heading to the mall. While it may be the most convenient place to get all your shopping done under one roof, some of London's coolest stores are far from the climate-controlled atmosphere of the mall and scattered around the downtown core.

Take, for example, the area known as "Richmond Row." South of Oxford Street, Richmond Street boasts some of London's most popular bars, restaurants and stores.

Across the street from the popular William's Coffee Pub at the corner of Central Avenue, sits Archie's Beach Co. and Willy's Urban Culture – two clothing stores more colourful and cooler than any Gap or Club Monaco.

Pay a visit to From Mars if you're into the funky clothing of raver culture. Or hop over to Talbot Street where you'll find two of London's funnest stores – Frilly Lizard and Commander Salamander. At these neighbouring stores, you can find rare t-shirts unavailable in other parts of the city.

For music lovers looking for an economic alternative to chain music stores like HMV or Music World or for those simply wanting to unload some CDs for extra cash, Dr. Disc and Speedcity are two of London's best used CD stores.

Dr. Disc prides itself on its extensive vinyl collection and Speedcity specializes in indie, metal and punk music. While City Lights Book Shop also buys and sells used music, it deems itself "Canada's Most Unusual Bookstore." Check it out for a used book experience ten times more fun than buying and selling old textbooks on campus.

If you're looking to find a special gift for someone who has practically everything, Heroes Cards and Comics may have the rare collectable toys, comic books or cards that make memorable gifts.

Magic Mountain Trading Co. specializes in imported goods from around the world. This store has an eclectic collection of textiles, pottery, jewellery and more. Next door, at Gift of Art, you can find potential gifts with a more contemporary local artist's touch.

Whether or not you intend on going out and spending large amounts of cash is up to you. These are just a few of London's coolest stores where you can shop or browse and dream of the day you'll have money to spend.


Archies Beach Co.

599 1/2 Richmond St.


City Lights Bookstore

356 Richmond St.


Commander Salamander

360 Talbot St.


Dr. Disc

357 Clarence St.


Frilly Lizard

362 Talbot St.


From Mars

344 1/2 Richmond St.


Heroes Cards and Comics

128 Dundas St.


Magic Mountain Trading Co.

575 Richmond St.



428 Richmond St.


The Gift of Art

575 Richmond St.


Willy's Urban Culture

583 Richmond St.


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