Volume 95, Issue 5

Friday, September 7, 2001
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Shakin' your money maker at campus bars

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Venues, menus, clubs and pubs

Fraternities & Sororities: think before you rush

Venues, menus, clubs and pubs

Downtown London Entertainment
accepts U.W.O. student card
kitchen open late

Cafeteria food and McDonald's can only take you so far before your hungry mouth starts yearning for something different. Listed below are some of London's most popular restaurants that are easily accessible from campus. Treat your taste buds to some good food and drink!


If you think chicken balls and pizza are genuine ethnic foods, you need to open your mind and mouth to all the diverse tastes that London has to offer. Everything from sushi to schnitzels, you can find it all within city limits.

17 Ben Thanh Restaurant (Vietnamese) 438-4888

8 Fellini Koolini's Italian Cuisini (Italian) 642-2300

9 Garlic's Restaurant (Italian) 432-4092

10 Jade Palace (Chinese) 472-3120

11 Jambalaya (Cajun Thai) 858-2000

12 Jewel of India Restaurant (Indian) 434-9268

16 Knickerbocker's Fine Food Emporium (Mediterranean) 672-1110

32 La Costa (Mediterranean) 632-3222

26 Mexicali Rosa's (Mexican) 660-1372 or 439-5111


The following restaurants offer good casual dining if you're in the mood for burgers, wings and other fried things. These places are usually licensed, have friendly staff and have a decor that involves street signs, jukeboxes and other vintage things like the ever popular (and eerie) Elvis bust.

1 Christina's Pub 660-8778

2 Five & Diner 433-1081

3 McGinnis Landing Restaurant 472-8349 (Sun. only )

4 Prince Albert's Diner 432-2835

5 TJ Baxter's Tap & Grill 642-2666


After tuition, rent and utility bills, most students can barely afford Kraft Dinner, let alone escargot and filet minion. But, if by chance you're one of those filthy rich bastards who go to our school or your parents want to treat you to some gourmet dining, here are some of London's best.

13 Blue Ginger 434-5777

7 Michael's on the Thames 672-0111

18 Oscar Taylor's 642-4882

19 Scallions Restaurant 432-1333


Like Finnigan is to Casey or Sonny is to Cher, coffee plays a very important role in the lives of students. Whether it's for long nights of studying or chilling with some friends, London has a variety of places to suit all caffeine connoisseurs.

50 Daily Grind Coffee Bar 642-2510

21 Plantation Coffee & Tea Co. 672-9917

22 Sebastian's Market 432-2685 or 432-5388 (Weekends only)

23 William's Coffee Pub 673-3677

"Shake yo' asses"

Like fishing? Well, here is a short list of some of the many holes you can frequent. There are a few things to expect such as long lines, girls wearing as little as possible, Janet Jackson booming out of the speakers and often attitudes accompanied by big egos. However, many offer a wide variety of sounds and feels, depending on which night of the week it is.

5 The Drink 679-0101

20 DV8 433-4913

27 GT's 679-6949

28 H20 850-9922

15 Jim Bob Ray's 663-5665

48 Lush 438-3808

31 Rickie's on the Rox 433-7699

49 The Ridout 672-5550

33 Varcity's 672-8579

"Down the hatch!"

If you wish to avoid the "bootylicious" scene in favour of a quiet place to sit, drink and relax, we suggest you try one of London's fine pubs. Here you will be greeted by dark beers, hardwood everything, friendly faces and the occasional house band. Feel free to leave the puffy vest at home.

34 Brass Door 438-8866

38 Molly Bloom's 675-1212

24 The Ceeps Barneys 432-1425

36 Poacher's Arms 432-7888

39 Rose and Crown 642-2300

8 Runt Club 642-2300

39 Scot's Corner 667-2277

40 The Waltzing Weasel 663-9194

6 Wits End Pub & Grill 850-9487

"Ye' Old house of the head banging"

Many other bars offer house bands, however, these are a few of the more notable places one can expect to see live entertainment.

42 Boomerz 432-3351

43 Call The Office 432-2263

47 The Embassy 434-6604

45 Old Chicago 434-6600

46 Richmond Tavern 679-9777

47 Whippet Lounge 434-4004

30 The 'Wick 432-1714
(The Brunswick Hotel) 


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