Volume 95, Issue 5

Friday, September 7, 2001
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An outsider's guide to becoming a UWO insider
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By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

There's a problem in the world today. There exists a group of human beings who often go unnoticed by society while they struggle with an unbearable pain.

The people? Off-campus frosh and transfer students. The pain? Having to get accustomed to a new school, from the outside looking in.

Make no mistake about it, Orientation week is designed for and mostly consumed by drunken, loud, fouled-mouthed, flag-waving residence crazies. Simply put, the laws of proximity allow these boisterous hooligans to access any of O-week's events or resources at ease.

While many rez students become the show that is called O-week, often other incoming students end up being nothing more than spectators or simple no-shows.

I, myself, have been on both sides of the fence. As a rez student and Carleton frosh, I made enough "friends" during the opening week of festivities to still have an ample supply when I decided to throw most away after the celebration had ended. (Believe me, you'll be saying hi to "frosh week guy" a lot this year, even though you haven't partied together since).

But if you don't make the right moves, your first experiences at Western can be filled with incredible listlessness and boredom.

So, it's imperative to make a game plan. Here are a few hints that may help you out:

Attend most, if not all of the O-week events you can. There's no better way to get to know the school and meet people than through these ludicrous and often alcohol-induced events. Make the effort to get to them and you will not regret the experience.

I can't tell you how many people I know who, to this day, regret not participating in their O-week.

Make a friend who lives in rez. There is no better way to get to know a school and its students than by chillin' with people who live there 24/7. You'll have your "in" for all those rez pre-game/pre-drink parties, all while meeting people who are also looking to establish themselves at this institution.

Take up smoking, if you haven't already. Smokers admittedly have the best and easiest ice-breaking opportunities because what might start as asking for an extra smoke can turn into a life-long friendship. If you don't like inhaling the cancer stick, don't be afraid to just go up to people and start conversations. Remember, everyone is crazy in university, everyone.

Don't room with a 30-year-old banker. Having the right roommates is the best way to have a good time, be picky.

There's no exact science to all of this, but for now we've done all we can. If this doesn't work, don't come asking us for your money back.

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