Volume 95, Issue 5

Friday, September 7, 2001
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In the stands or on the field, Mustangs never die

By Dave Martin

Gazette Staff

For the last four months, every time you've told someone what school you're attending – especially an adult – how often did you hear something like, "Oh Western, they've got a great football program right?" As if they thought football was the only important thing at this school.

Though there are a lot of things that are huge at Western, without a doubt, Mustang football is one of the biggest.

With its reputation stretching far and wide, there has to be something inside the gates of TD Waterhouse Stadium that will back up all the hype. Even if you're not a big football fan, there is still much of fun to be had.

Here is a firsthand view of what's in store when taking in your first game.

For starters, try to get a whole group of people to go with you, or at least your roommate. Reason with them that it could be the only time all year they witness a.m. on the weekend. It will give you the support you need if you want to start a cheer or a heckle. It's far better to have a crowd to give you extra volume.

Walking in there, there is always a certain buzz going around the stadium; half the people are groaning at the sight of the beer tent and the other half are either still going or substituted a few cold ones instead of breakfast.

Without doubt, there will be some people sitting around you in overly chipper spirits and will accept full responsibility for trying to get everyone around them yelling and screaming.

A word to the wise: you positively have to sit on the students side – though the Alumni do cheer – nothing compares to sitting amongst the roar of the students.

Although you will quickly find out the metal benches don't provide the most deluxe seating accommodations, they are absolutely perfect for making lots of noise.

Mass stomping patterns or an all-out stampede create an amazing thundering sound. Hint: if your legs get tired (which they will) from stomping up and down, the horizontal heel kick is a great alternative – watch you don't catch the person in front of you.

Just as you're getting the hang of the latest foot-stomping rhythm, everyone else around you stands up with their hands in the air and by the time you've stood up to see what's going on, they're all sitting down.

A little embarrassed at being the only one standing, you realize you just missed the wave.

Who doesn't love synchronized standing, sitting and screaming? Forget about the game, the wave is way too much fun to be missed again. The odd time, you'll get surprised as it will come from the other direction. You must give your surroundings full attention at all times.

For all you keeners, it is WAY more of an experience to actually lead the wave. Rather than just standing up once every so often, you get to run and holler like crazy the entire time.

Nice! The cheerleaders have finally arrived in front of your section. This really doesn't need too much of an explanation as to why it's entertaining. Even besides the obvious, the Western cheerleaders do amazing stuff. Unlike every other university's cheerleaders, who are just a sad sack of energetic clappers, the Western squad puts on quite an incredible acrobatic show.

And even with all of these reasons, possibly the best part about going to a Mustang game needs the shortest description….. FREE SHIT. Nuff said.

So we better be seeing all of you filling the stands with energy and noise at the first home game on Sept. 15. A football game just isn't a football game without the cheer of the crowd.

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