Volume 95, Issue 5

Friday, September 7, 2001
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Keep off the frosh 15: Staying fit in junk food heaven

By Jordan Bell
Gazette Staff

For Western frosh arriving on campus, the new frontier offers a lifestyle all its own. This new lifestyle can make it tough to stay in shape.

If you don't keep your eyes and ears open, you might miss a few monsters lurking around the corner. Harvey's, Pizza Pizza and many other grease-filled pits are clogging our arteries and busting our scales. And who can deny the power of the brewmeister's liquid courage, feeding our addictions and emptying our wallets.

These devils, perched on our shoulder, affect us the most in our early university lives. Fortunately, wherever these scheming devils arise, there is always an angel waiting in the wings.

In this case, it's Campus Recreation and the intramural sports program that have come to save the day.

"Campus Recreation offers a broad range of athletic opportunities," said Michelle Drury, Marketing and Membership Services Coordinator. "From drop-in sports, to aerobics, weight-training and squash and racquetball."

To avoid the traditional "freshman twenty," a new student will have to master a health-oriented lifestyle as well. Drury said Campus Recreation also takes care of that facet of life. "Our wellness services offer personal training, fitness appraisals, program designs and massage therapy to assist students in healthy living."

The dream of any diehard jock who believes they're the next Vince Carter is to make the perfect three-sixty jam or convert that diving one-handed frisbee catch.

What better place to hone your skills (and dreams) than a university intramural league?

Western offers a slew of leagues for the athletically-inclined. From basketball to volleyball, every area is covered and every thirst for competition is whetted. But for an inexperienced student with no prior knowledge, becoming involved could potentially be a frightening experience.

Jenne Myers, IMS co-ordinator said the process isn't too difficult. "There are two ways to become involved in the intramural programs," Myers said. "Both involve registering online [http://www.uwo.ca/campusrec/], either by entering yourself as a free agent or by forming a team which can also be registered."

With students struggling to find time and living off the pennies they find in their couch, committing themselves to another endeavour might seem impossible. But Myers explained that dilemma doesn't arise within intramurals at Western.

"Participants will be playing once a week," Myers said. "With officiated leagues you're looking at $50 per team; without officials, $30 per team and to play individually, $10-$15."

So, for all the kids strolling onto campus, Kraft dinner and morning Coke binges just won't cut it. Unless Fat Albert is your personal hero, a healthy lifestyle is important. Rita Mastrolacasa, Nutritional Consultant at the north London Athletic Club, said the keys to surviving the transition are simple, yet very rarely followed.

"There are six tips I would give to new university students," Mastrolacasa said. "Don't skip breakfast; eat a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats with each meal; eat five to six small meals; drink eight, eight ounce glasses of water a day; get involved in some form of regular exercise and finally, just move. Instead of using cars and elevators, walk or bike to the places you're travelling to. These small, but simple changes add up over the span of a day."

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