Volume 95, Issue 5

Friday, September 7, 2001
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A&E: Good for you, me and the kids

Shakin' your money maker at campus bars

Warning: mallrats need not apply

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Venues, menus, clubs and pubs

Fraternities & Sororities: think before you rush

A&E: Good for you, me and the kids

Are you ready for it? Come on now, don't be afraid. You have had your whole life to prepare and now it's time to step up and take your best shot at your university experience.

So what does that have to do with us? Since you may or not be new to the city, we have exhausted our resources to piece together a guide in order to ease your transition. It may not cover everything, but it definitely covers the basics.

Through The Gazette, Andrea, Molly and I will be working hard to keep you both updated and informed on all the events that transpire during the course of this year. That's everything from theatre, music, movies and pornography to art exhibits, restaurants and much, much more.

Since we are so diverse, we felt it would be nice to introduce ourselves and give you a short background on each editor in order to let you know what to expect from us.

First off, there is sweet little Andrea, who hails all the way from Calgary, Alta. She spent her childhood as a rodeo prodigy until a horrid injury while riding "Tied Testes Tim" left her unable to straddle anything.

Determined not to be binded by her injury, she decided to change careers and now finds herself living in a lonely newspaper office. She passes the time by listening to indie spy-core music and watching old wrestling videos of the Ultimate Warrior.

Next comes Molly. She's a distinguished athlete and the former body guard of Mr. T. She spends the majority of her time listening to Mozart and playing backgammon. You should expect to see a lot of her stories this year as Andrea and I are afraid of her. Like Molly always says, "I pity da fool who argues with me."

Finally, there is me. After the tragic death of my evil twin brother Chip, I decided to leave my home and run away from the hurt and heartache.

After a couple long days as a squeegee kid, I finally made enough money to fund my university education. Since then, I have passed my time eating my friends' food, drinking their beer, hitting on their girlfriends and mothers and worshipping a statue of popular TV star Bob Saget.

With our powers combined, it should make for not only an interesting year, but also an interesting product. There is however one problem...

The workload can become fierce and therefore outside help is needed. We request anyone who has an interest in anything artsy to stop on by the office located on the second floor of the University Community Centre and say "hi." No experience is needed, trust me on that one.

Also, to sweeten the deal, you not only get to be our new best friend but the perks involved are numerous. We offer everything from free food, movies, CDs and more.

So please stop by soon; otherwise, Molly might get angry.

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