Volume 95, Issue 5
Thursday, September 7, 2001

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Western Pie - our cast of characters

As summer movies go, the pair of American Pie films have become legendary fodder for young, impressionable minds filled with thoughts of three things sex, friends and moving on. 

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Chris Lackner/Gazette
MAKING OUR MOTHERS PROUD SINCE 1906. Yet another example of The Gazette's firm commitment to public acts of lewd conduct. From left to right is Managing Editor Colin Butler, Deputy Editor Matt Person and Editor-In-Chief Aaron Wherry.


The Gazette: covering everything that counts

I hated my Orientation week. I was positive I had made a bad decision and wasn't going to make it at Western.

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Laugh, drink, smoke, study, spew...

Much like the diverse cast of stereotypes on our own front cover, every Jack and Jill frosh has certain goals and expectations going into their first-year of "higher" education.

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How to be the best bunk buddies

Take a deep breath and suck in the sweet, slightly puke-soaked smells of residence,
home sweet home for the next eight months of your life.

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A&E: Good for you, me and the kids

Are you ready for it? Come on now, don't be afraid. You have had your whole life to prepare and now it's time to step up and take your best shot at your university experience.  

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Sports Trivia: If only multiple choice exams were this good...

You've done the downtown scene, you've mapped out the entire campus and you've already heard about the first incident of floor incest in your residence. What's left to experience at university?  

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