Volume 95, Issue 5

Friday, September 7, 2001
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The Gazette: covering everything that counts

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Academics, remember them?

The Gazette: covering everything that counts

By Aaron Wherry

I hated my Orientation week. I was positive I had made a bad decision and wasn't going to make it at Western.

And now, three years later, I find myself charged with the task of introducing all of you frosh to The Gazette – your daily student newspaper. Funny how things work out sometimes.

Hopefully you've managed to escape the clutches of your ridiculously overzealous sophs and have found a quiet place to stop and read this, our Frosh Guide to Western, London and beyond.

Contained herein you will find advice on sex, booze, school, sports and all things in between. We've gathered the greatest minds of our time – well, the members of our staff who weren't too hung over at the time – to bring you the definitive guide to everything any incoming Western student must know.

While your sophs can teach you some really "fun" cheers, we all know what you really want.

You want to know where the best bars are found. You want to know how to handle that slightly psychotic roommate you now find yourself living with. You want to know the "dos" and "don'ts" of floor incest. You may even want to know how on earth you're going to get any studying done.

In short, you want to know what makes university life the weird, wild, enriching, sometimes revolting and wonderful experience it can and should be.

So before we get down to the business of news and investigative reporting, we offer you the following "Welcome to Western" gift. We were going to put it in the form of a cheer, but couldn't think of anything that rhymed with "orgy" and figured another goofy cheer might drive you towards a life of crime.

But before we impart our many pearls of wisdom on your impressionable minds, allow me to make a few introductions. The following is a brief rundown of your student newspaper – the only daily student newspaper in Canada, publishing Tuesday through Friday.

Here are the people who make each issue happen and with whom you can come talk to if you want to join the fun.

Front and centre

The Gazette is led by three ready, willing and over-worked full-time staff members.

Myself, Deputy Editor Matt Pearson and Managing Editor Colin Butler put our years of experience to good work managing everything you see in each issue and some things you'll never see (lucky for you).

At the end of each school year, The Gazette's staff gathers to elect three lucky souls to our positions and fortunately for us and you, we're the folks in charge for the next 94 issues.

The three of us manage The Gazette's finances, edit all content and field any and all reader inquiries. If you have a question, correction or just have an insatiable desire to cuss out a journalist, give us a call at 661-3580 extension 7, or drop us an e-mail at gazette.editor@uwo.ca.

It's your paper, so let us know what you think (and we promise we'll have our pants back on when you come to visit).

Dawning of a News age

Each day, our four talented news editors bring you the top Western, London, national and international news.

Need to know what happened at last night's University Students' Council meeting? Want to know what Western president Paul "the French knight" Davenport has been up to? Interested in knowing what astronomical levels tuition is reaching across our country? You will find it all here, along with a heaping helping of analysis, context and sarcasm.

Joel Brown, Erin Conway-Smith, Jessica Leeder and Kristina Lundblad are charged with bringing you all the news that's fit to print and then some. And given this tall task, they're always looking for eager new writers to help out. No experience, no shoes, no shirt – no problem. The news team has taken even the most confused souls and turned them into Woodward-esque journalistic animals.

If you're interested in volunteering or even have a hot news tip, come stop by Rm. 263 of the University Community Centre or drop our newsies an e-mail at gazette.news@uwo.ca.

That's Entertainment

All the latest boy band news and reviews of each and every Hollywood blockbuster can be found in the sophisticated section of the paper – Arts & Entertainment.

Our A&E editors, Andrea Chiu, Molly Duignan and Dale Wyatt, spend everyday immersed in art, books, music, movies, restaurants and more. Interested writers will have the opportunity to meet some of the world's best musicians, review the latest CDs, dine at the finest restaurants, read the best books and see the best Hollywood has to offer – all in the name of journalism.

If you're interested in entering the world of free swag, come stop by Rm. 263 or drop Andrea, Molly and Dale a line at gazette.entertainment@uwo.ca.

Domo Arigato Mr. Photo

If writing isn't your thing, maybe our photo section is somewhere you could call home.

All great newspapers need a great group of photographers and The Gazette is no exception. Beth Kerim, Lauren Starr and Dave Van Dyck are the three photo editors in charge of making sure we have some eye-popping photos to go along with our hard-hitting stories.

No equipment? No experience in the photographic arts? Have no fear, our talented photogs will share their knowledge, their cameras, their film and, if you're lucky, some of their mysterious photo chemicals.

Just remember – no making out in the dark room. We're running a family operation here folks.

Hip to be Sports

All jocks, wannabe jocks and sports-aholics will have their eyes glued to our Sports section this year.

Everything from varsity football to synchronized swimming falls under the domain of our sports gurus – Jordan Bell, Ryan Dixon and Dave Martin.

These three guys will be roaming the sidelines and hanging out in the locker rooms to bring you all the stories and scores surrounding our Mustang athletic heroes.

The annual hockey pool will soon make its appearance and our comprehensive Homecoming football coverage is only a few weeks away.

If you think you know the score, contact the sportos in person in Rm. 263 or by e-mail at gazette.sports@uwo.ca. If you're lucky, you might just become the next Elliotte Friedman.

The Campus & Culture Club

Once a week, our campus & culture editors will bring you in-depth and innovative coverage of today's hottest topics.

Complementing our consistent daily news coverage, C&C offers different and new perspectives on today's top stories and tomorrow's coming debates.

Chris Lackner and Lindsay Satterthwaite are the people to talk to if this kind of coverage is what interests you. They are always looking for interesting new ideas and fascinating human interest stories and, of course, they can always use some writers to help them tell these tales.

Say Say Say What You Want

Our Opinions section is the foremost centre of debate and discussion among students on this campus.

Whether the topic is uniting the political right or an abundance of dead squirrels on campus, Gazette columnists and our thousands of readers take part in some dynamic discussions on our Opinion pages.

Overseeing all this fiery debate is opinions editor Marcus Maleus. To enter the fray, send your submissions to gazette.opinions@uwo.ca or drop off your letter in person in Rm. 263 of the UCC. All kudos, concerns, comments and questions are more than welcomed.


Beside all our Woodwards and Bernsteins are a talented group of Picassos and Van Goghs.

Our artistes are responsible for all the editorial cartoons, comics and other graphics you see beside all the fancy words in The Gazette. Grant Donaldson and Chris Hodge are the finger painting champions of the office and do a wonderful job of making our news print look pretty each day.

If you would like to submit a comic or just like to draw crude drawings of various sexual acts, come visit Grant or Chris in Rm. 263 of the UCC.

The Men (and Women) Behind The Curtain

While our editors are the people you, as a volunteer, will have the most contact with, there are an incredible group of people working behind the scenes, whose hard work makes this paper possible.

Our advertising department is managed by Alex McKay and his cronies – Mark Ritchie and Doug Warrick. To place an ad, give them a call at 661-2111 ext. 83579.

Putting the physical paper together each day and night is our composing office. Ian Greaves, military legend and lover of drag, rules the roost with his corporals of composing Sandy Rule and Meg Simms.

The newest addition to The Gazette family is Bob Klanac, who helps manage all three departments and editorial finances.

Together, these fine folks do an incredible job of making everything happen and helping get you your paper each morning.

We Want You

The most important parts of the Gazette equation are you, the volunteers.

Every year between 50 and 100 people volunteer as writers, photographers and artists to help make this paper the best student newspaper in Canada.

If you want to get involved, just stop by the office – Rm. 263 of the UCC. We don't bite (usually) and we promise to let you party with us (we may even supply the booze).

Hope to see you soon.

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