Volume 95, Issue 5

Friday, September 7, 2001
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If only multiple choice exams were this good...

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If only multiple choice exams were this good...

By Ryan Dixon
Gazette Staff


You've done the downtown scene, you've mapped out the entire campus and you've already heard about the first incident of floor incest in your residence. What's left to experience at university?

Why, your first test, of course. For all you slackers who are starting to sweat – don't worry, this little trivia piece is suited to anyone who's not afraid to sleep-in through class and wake up just in time to catch the last of the 12 continuous hours of Sportsdesk in the morning. For the second consecutive year, this is trivia, Gazette Sports style. Simply picking 'C' won't get you anywhere.

1. With all the talk about the great Olympic hockey summit in February, there are sure to be countless theories on how the tournament will play out when the best professional players gather in Salt Lake City.

Of course, when professional players were first allowed to participate in Nagano, it was the Czech Republic who emerged victorious. What country claimed the last hockey gold medal when it was still an amateur tournament in 1994?

A) Russia B) Czech Republic

C) Sweden D) Finland

E) U.S.A.

2. How many players have won the NHL scoring tittle since 1979?

A) six B) ten

C) seven D) three

E) twelve

3. The Ottawa Gee-Gees will be looking to repeat as Vanier Cup Champions this year. Who was the last team to win consecutive national football titles?

A) Queen's B) Western

C) Calgary D) McGill

E) Laurier

4. While many feel the New York Rangers traded for Eric Lindros because of their failure to sign a big name free agent, their actual reasoning was because:

A) They are at such an advantage because of the huge payroll they have, the league made a ruling that ordered them to make stupid trades to even things out.

B) The Rangers haven't made the play-offs for three years, so they thought they'd take a step forward by getting older and dumber.

C) Mark Messier said so.

D) Broadway is putting on a production of "I Can't Remember My Own Name" and the director was looking for someone just perfect for the part.

E) All of the above.

5. We all know the New York Yankees and Montreal Canadiens have been the dominant teams of their respective sports as far as league titles go, but who has won the most NBA titles?

A) Los Angeles Lakers

B) Detroit Pistons

C) Chicago Bulls

D) Boston Celtics

E) Philadelphia 76'ers

6. American cyclist Lance Armstrong rode his way to another Tour de France title this summer, making it how many consecutive years he has taken this event?

A) three B) six

C) two D) five

E) four

7. Slammin' Sammy Sosa hit 50 home runs for the fourth consecutive year this summer. The first time he did it was in 1998 when Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris' home run record. With all the attention McGwire got, it is sometimes forgotten Sosa smacked how many homers himself that year?

A) 67 B) 63

C) 66 D) 69

E) 62

8. The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won the Stanley Cup since 1967. This trend will continue this year because:

A) Alexander Mogilny has never been in danger of being dubbed "Mr. Conn Smythe."

B) The number of shots Curtis Joseph has faced during his time as a Leaf has accelerated the aging process ten fold. He is 310 in goalie years.

C) Mikael Renberg hasn't had a good season since he played with Eric Lindros and John LeClair six years ago.

D) Rob Blake is still an Avalanche.

E) All of the above.

9. Phil Mickelson holds the dubious honor of being the best golfer never to win a major tournament. What other golfer shed that label this year leaving it all to poor Phil?

A) Davis Love III

B) David Duval

C) Ernie Els

D) Justin Lenord

E) Mike Weir

10. Gazette sports is the pinnacle of sport journalism and you should volunteer your time there because:

A) You will never again get a chance to meet such devilishly handsome editors in your life.

B) You have nothing better to do.

C) Some of our computers actually have Internet capabilities now.

D) We are not above bribes.

E) All of the above.

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