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Wednesday, April 3, 2002
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'Lots of guys are scared of him'

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'Lots of guys are scared of him'

Football player alleges coach abuse

By Ryan Dixon
Gazette Staff

Western football player Philippe Beaudry has launched a formal complaint with Western's equity services department concerning an incident that occurred with Mustangs head coach Larry Haylor in the varsity weight room last month.

Beaudry said Haylor verbally "ripped" him in the weight room because the offensive lineman was wearing shorts without a Western emblem or logo.

When the exchange heated up, Beaudry said Haylor invited the player to his office where Beaudry alleges the verbal attack worsened.

Beaudry was motivated to file a complaint because of this specific incident, but said he included other incidents in the complaint that have occurred over the course of his three-year career at Western.

"I just felt he was verbally abusive," Beaudry said of the weight room exchange. Beaudry said he told Haylor he did not have the money to spend on special Mustangs shorts when he has rent to pay.

"It's not just about clothing. [Haylor] snapped for no reason – he treats people like shit," Beaudry alleged.

Beaudry said he has heard Haylor tell players, "If you were a horse, I'd shoot you; if you were a dog, I'd beat you to death.

"He knows the [technical side] of football, but his human skills are non-existent," Beaudry alleged.

Haylor said he did not want to comment on the confrontation specifically, adding he felt it was unfortunate the issue had become a public matter.

"We're very big on trust on this team," Haylor said, adding players must "implicitly" trust their coaches.

Haylor said the relationship between coach and player should be reciprocal. "I believe so under normal circumstances. Obviously there's a spectrum of behavior ranges," he said.

Beaudry said he had no delusions about what would happen once he went public with his grievance. "This is the end for sure," he said, in reference to his Mustang football career.

Beaudry said he is not the only person on the team who is dissatisfied with Haylor's coaching tactics.

"Lots of guys are scared of him, [but] they are willing to take it to play football," he said.

Mustang defensive lineman Mike Pasel said their is a structure in place for these matters to be dealt with internally. "Within [the team] there is a hierarchy of communication. Players can talk to the players committee – which is elected by position, their position coach or [Haylor]," he said.

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