Volume 95, Issue 94

Wednesday, April 3, 2002
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SS millennium scholarship

Re: "Tories plot to infiltrate student government," Mar. 15

To the Editor:

I would like to correct the record regarding your publication's stories on the role and activities of the Millennium Leadership Fund.

The purpose and mandate of the fund is to help our own members who have already decided, on their own volition, to seek student government office.

We do not recruit candidates – they come to us.

We do not fund their campaigns. We give out small donations to help defray costs. In total, less than $500 was given out this year across the province. Mere pennies when one considers the costs of some of these campaigns. This is not unusual nor surprising.

Organizations, political and non-political, tend to help their own members out all the time. It is also not surprising that an organization like ours would want to help get students with conservative views elected to government.

The role of the fund is to encourage and assist people who decide to become involved in the long hours demanded of student government. It is neither new or novel that donations are made in support of a particular candidate. To be certain, other political parties, unions, lobby organizations and special interest groups have helped fund student government elections.

It is a natural and appropriate part of the political process. Our members will continue to support like-minded individuals who wish to seek elected office. We will do so through financial assistance and provision of volunteers and services.

Adam Daifallah

President, Ontario PC Campus Association

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