Volume 95, Issue 94

Wednesday, April 3, 2002
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The simple truth regarding the Middle East?

Re: "Peace beats war, life beats death," Mar. 22

To the Editor:

Shauna Silver and Anatoly Dvorkin write "there is no greater violation of peace and life than blowing up innocent teenagers in a mall or a nightclub."

Well, let's see. In 1967, Israel invaded the West Bank and dropped napalm indiscriminately on Palestinian settlements in a fairly blatant attempt at ethnic cleansing. Thousands of innocents were killed or maimed.

In the early 1980s, Israel invaded Lebanon and dropped cluster bombs indiscriminately on refugee camps in an attempt to terrorize the population. More than 10,000 innocent civilians were killed.

The very scale here makes these events worse. Still, although the 'body count' approach is useful, if only to remind ourselves that 'Israel' is a terrorist organization, it must never blind us to the ultimate cause of the violence on both sides: the tremendous power imbalance between the government of Israel and Palestinian populations under its control and the oppressive uses to which Israel

puts that power imbalance.

The fact is that Israel has enacted a system of apartheid on the West

Bank in which Israeli colonists live under leaders of their own choosing, have freedom of movement, preferential access to local water supplies, etc. By contrast, West Bank Palestinians, simply because they are Palestinians, are both denied these things and are subject to arbitrary arrest, detention and torture – and, if they're too uppity, death.

It is Israeli violence and the oppressive system it supports – not anti-Semitism, a denial of 'Israel's right to exist,' etc, etc – that provokes violent reprisals.

A lasting and just peace in Palestine? End Israel's colonial experiments on the West Bank and give West Bank Palestinians full control over their land.

Simplistic? No, just the simple truth.

Professor Michael P. Carroll

Department of Sociology

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