Volume 95, Issue 94
Wednesday, April 3, 2002
Klanac Klone
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'Lots of guys are scared of him'
Football player alleges coach abuse

Western football player Philippe Beaudry has launched a formal complaint with Western's equity services department concerning an incident that occurred with Mustangs head coach Larry Haylor in the varsity weight room last month.

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Teachers, students celebrated

Outstanding undergraduate students and faculty were honoured yesterday at the annual University Students' Council students' awards ceremony.

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Parking changes shaft students: Vavala

If a new university parking proposal is passed, students and staff will have to pay more to park on campus next year, but they will also be forced to park further away than ever before.

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Western: rich kids and rich professors

Western's $100,000 club has fewer members than it did last year – now there are only 222 individuals at Western making more money than most of us will ever know.

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Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
FUSING MACHINE AND RODENT: THE CREATION OF DARTH HAMSTER. Second-year engineering students Helene Bisson and Andrew Knox play God for their integrated design class at the Engineering Science Building Tuesday.


ęBeth Kerim/Gazette
SURE THE AWARD WAS GREAT, BUT IT WAS NO AC/DC TATTOO. Western president Paul Davenport gives first-year psychology student Mike Heilandt the Future of Western award during the University Students' Council students' awards ceremony Tuesday.

Say YES to Yoko Ono's collection at the AGO

It's probably fitting that the word "respect" is found in "retrospective."

YES Yoko Ono, a new exhibition commemorating Yoko Ono's 40-year career as an artist – on display now at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto – should finally win her the respect she deserves.

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Cutting the hardware in half
Bishop, Jonckheere and Andy K. honoured

Western's top prize for male athletes was shared this year by a pair of players who wear their Mustang pride on their sleeves.

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