Volume 95, Issue 95

Thursday, March 4, 2002
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Fina for all to enjoy

By Megan O'Toole
Gazette Staff

The talents of Western's graduating visual arts students will be unveiled Friday at Fina, the final exhibition for the class of 2002.

According to assistant professor and practicum co-teacher David Merritt, Fina marks the end of a full year of practice and development for the 16 artists whose work will be showcased.

"Realizing a community-sited exhibition has been the objective of the practicum course for many years, though [the exhibition] has always been different from year-to-year, depending on the work and ideas of the students," Merritt said.

Fina presents an opportunity for students to stand by their own work as artists and collectively celebrate a year of often hard-won efforts toward bringing their ideas to the rest of the world, he added.

The exhibition will feature a broad range of mediums, including painting, photography, video, printmaking and audio. According to Merritt, the show promises to be quite innovative.

"There will be lots of surprises. Listen for audio stories between rooms, negotiate a black-out installation that activates all the senses but vision and taste tea and intimate conversation in a portable tearoom," he said. "Also, [look for] animated preserves in the basement and stories of displacement in the attic."

Visual arts practicum student Erika Aliston is one of the artists whose work will be showcased at Fina. In her artist's statement, Aliston explained the role of human perception in her art.

"My interest lies in the way in which people perceive themselves and others, and how we use language to organize those perceptions," Aliston wrote. "Humans by definition are not static creatures, so how do we fit a static profile when we are in constant flux?"

Visual arts practicum student Andrew Hobbs will have his unique photography on display at Fina as well.

"There really isn't a unifying theme running throughout my works," Hobbs wrote in his artist's statement.

"I ask questions out loud, and it's my hope that anyone within hearing distance will echo that question in their own quiet language to themselves," Hobbs wrote. "Every idea in the world has already been thought or written or spoken or performed."

Aside from the works that will be displayed at the Richmond Street location, Fina will also feature two other site projects that will be unveiled elsewhere in the city.

One such project is Wendi Rodic's "Momentum," which consists of a large painted doily at JW Little Stadium.

It is an effort to explore the cultural transmission of imitative processes. "[This project] displaces the traditional field marking systems and motifs," Rodic explained.

To kick-off Fina, an opening reception will be held at 834 Richmond St. on Apr. 5 at 8 p.m.. Admission to both the reception and the exhibition is free and Fina is open to everyone.

Fina runs from Apr. 6 to Apr. 13 (12 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily) at 834 Richmond St..

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