Volume 95, Issue 95

Thursday, March 4, 2002
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Photo: Best of...

Photo: Best of...

Niru Somayajula/Gazette
Fourth-year health science student Chris Warne made
a new friend at the environmental fair at the University
Community Centre back in March.

Beth Kerim/Gazette
The Gazette's Homecoming issue cover. Head coach Larry
Haylor, James Prescott (#10), Blaine Palinsky (#98), Greg
Richter (#44) and Mike Pasel (#55) huddle for the camera.


Allen Chen/Gazette
First-year social science student B.J. Noufaily
reaches for a brew at Elgin Hall.


Matt Prince/Gazette
Western students board a bus in front of the Natural
Sciences Centre to escape the cold January winds.


Lauren Starr/Gazette
Third-year political science student Neil Slater hides
from the sun underneath his umbrella with third-year
political science student Courtney Whiteside and Rob
Booth, a fourth-year psychology student.


Pat Courtis/Gazette
Western goalie David Hamilton was caught
stretching at Thompson Arena during hockey practice.


Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
Second-year science student Kadie Ward debates the
merit of pornography as art in the atrium of the
University Community Centre.

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