Volume 95, Issue 95

Thursday, March 4, 2002
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Gazoo - you should be ashamed

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Gazoo - you should be ashamed

Re: Spoof issue, Apr. 1

To the Editor:

Yesterday, in your April Fool's issue of The Gazoo, you ran at least two articles and a comic that could be construed as attacking traditional Christian

belief. I understand this was an April Fool's issue and, therefore, you

have a greater license in what sort of material you can present.

I, as you certainly do, believe in the necessity for free speech and a free

press. With both of these things in mind, I recognize that these articles and

this comic were most likely written in jest and not in malice. I am certain

that you are good people who would not want to knowingly offend or

hurt people. Unfortunately, some people were offended and hurt by these pieces. I believe that these individuals are justified in having such a response.

Although Monday was April Fool's Day, it was also Easter Monday. Easter Weekend is the holiest weekend of the year for many Christians and, therefore, many will be much more sensitive on days close to and even associated with Easter.

I would suggest that, although you had every right to print what you printed, the fact that you printed it on Easter Monday was in poor taste. Moreover, I believe some of the humour was, generally, in poor taste. Again, I am certain that any offense was unintentional and that was meant purely as humour; however, many did not take it that way. Thank you.

Jonathan Bernier

Honours Anthropology I

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