Volume 95, Issue 95

Thursday, March 4, 2002
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Queen Mother deserves the flag treatment

Queen Mother deserves the flag treatment

To the Editor:

I cannot, for the life of me, understand the protocol that governs the flying of our flag from the top of the University College tower. It seems to be flying at half mast at least once or twice a week in commemoration of the passing of a member of the Western family. This is an eminently appropriate way in which to mark the loss of a member of our extended family.

However, whenever an event transpires which mandates the lowering of the flag throughout the country, the flag is always proudly at full staff. On Remembrance Day (several times in the past number of years), the Maple Leaf was flown at the top of the pole. After the death of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau last year, it flew at full staff on the day of his funeral. Now, with the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, for the past two days, it has flown from the top of the mast.

I call upon physical plant services to lower our flag during these important occasions. By ignoring this protocol, which is followed throughout the nation, we are disrespecting the memory of those who have earned the right of this great honour.

For her almost 80 years of public service, her leadership during the darkest days in the history of the world and for the special place in the heart of Canadians that she occupies, Her Majesty has earned the ultimate honour of the lowering of our nation's flag. Let us do her this final honor.

G.A.R. Pollock

Masters Business Administration II

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