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Thursday, March 4, 2002
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Western's women golfers ready to tee it up

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Western's women golfers ready to tee it up

Premiere Canadian high school athletes are too often lured to the United States by scholarships and other opportunities to pursue further schooling and athletics.With the work of first-year Western student Lindsey Edmunds, hopefully this trend will begin to change at least in the area of women's golf.

"It's not fair for any girl wanting to play competitive golf to have to go to the U.S.. British Columbia and Manitoba have some sort of programs at least, but there is basically nothing in Ontario," Edmunds said

Already a keen golfer, Edmunds came to Western with the goal of getting something started in terms of a golf program, which led her to meet with Western Athletics director Dan Smith for advice.

"He told me in September that it was a long complicated process and that basically the only thing I could do was try-out for the men's team."

Not willing to giveup that easily, Edmunds – along with her father – approached the Ontario University Athletics Board with a proposal of allowing all schools in Ontario to have the opportunity to field a women's team.

"At their meeting about a month ago, it was officially decided that there would be a women's division at every men's tournament for any Ontario schools that had a team organized," Edmunds said. "With that great news, it is now up to us and other universities to spread the word and hopefully attract enough interest."

Edmunds added she is holding a meeting next week to gauge the appeal of a women's team at Western.

"Hopefully the meeting will show us that we can go ahead with team. If there are enough people, then try-outs will probably be held at the end of August and the beginning of school to narrow it down to a 5-6 person team.

The meeting will be held this Tuesday (Apr. 9), at 6 p.m. in Social Science Rm. 3107.

–Dave Martin

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