Volume 95, Issue 95
Thursday, April 4, 2002
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Mideast violence hurts universities
U of T student flees bombing

Western's study abroad program with Hebrew University in Jerusalem is in jeopardy as the conflict in the Middle East heightens and international students flee universities across Israel.

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Science happy, arts not so happy

The Canadian government announced $84 million in scholarship and fellowship funding for natural science and engineering students last Thursday. While the science world rejoiced, those in social sciences and humanities expressed frustration.

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The chem lab, the chem lab, the chem lab was on fire

Last Tuesday's lab fire in the Chemistry Building has resulted in structural and equipment damages that may cost more than $100,000 to repair – a significant increase over earlier estimates.

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Soon more places to have sex in library

If you're among the many Western students who wander the halls of DB Weldon Library searching for a place to cram for an exam – relief may be in sight.

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©Lauren Starr/Gazette
HIS EVIL PLAN? TO GATHER A BUNCH OF SCIENTIFIC-LIKE TUBES AND STUFF TO IMPRESS CHICKS. Russ Viirre, a PhD candidate in organic chemistry plays around with atoms, molecules and other teeny-tiny things Wednesday.


Live from the Loft: U8TV's Annie gets freaky

"You can't touch or turn the cameras, so if you're gonna get it on or have freaky sex above the blankets, they can still film your faces. We all know we make some freaky faces when we're getting it on."

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Past and present Mustangs speak up about Larry Haylor

A slew of differing opinions on the behaviour of Western football bench boss Larry Haylor are starting to surface in the wake of a formal complaint player Philippe Beaudry filed with equity services over a heated weight room exchange with the coach.

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