Volume 95, Issue 95

Thursday, March 4, 2002
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Ahh! Those silly UN rules again

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Ahh! Those silly UN rules again

Re: "Peace beats war, life beats death," Mar. 22

To the Editor:

While mentioning violation of peace and human rights, it's surprising that Shauna Silver and Anatoly Dvorkin made no mention of the daily acts of terror, massacres and assassination-policies that are cruelly executed by the Zionist Israeli state against Palestinians.

Moreover, no one will ever forget the tragedy of Qana, Lebanon on April 18, 1996. Words cannot express the Israeli horror, terrorism and massacres in south Lebanon, where the blood of civilians flowed without mercy. Over 100 displaced civilians, mostly women, children and elderly were killed.

There is no greater violation of rights and peace than killing a six-year-old innocent child walking to school for no reason or shooting a mother to death when she's trying to protect her child from any strangers' or occupants' violence.

Silver and Dvorkin's challenge is accepted.

At least 60 states and United Nations members don't recognize the Zionist Israeli state. Yet Zionist Israel is striving for their recognition, where "Palestine" is still the right name on their formal maps and worldwide published works. Most UN-members (including Israel) recognize the Palestinian Authority, the entity it governs, the Palestinian people and the presence of Palestinian governance.

Hence, they recognize the five main elements forming a legitimate state according to UN covenants. Silver and Dvorkin's view of Palestine is pending on a formal declaration of the Palestinian state, which had been scheduled on Sept. 13, 2000, but Zionist Israel failed to comply with it as it has done with many other agreements.

Why should Palestine wait for final agreements on state declaration and formal recognition resolutions, while a terrorist state (Zionist Israel) never complied with 69 formal UN-resolutions?

Believe it or not, Israel is the only one of the 185 member countries ineligible to serve on the UN Security Council. Why? Why should people recognize a state whose prime minister has been summoned to appear before a Belgian court since June 2001 to face accusations of crimes against humanity?

Hussam Ayyad

Software Engineering & Political Science II

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