Volume 95, Issue 97

Tuesday, April 9, 2002
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Labours of love

Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Board 2001-2002

Labours of love

Great newspapers are created and maintained through two separate, but equally important, labours of love.

The first, the kind a newspaper's creators feel for their "daily miracle." The reporters, editors, artists, photographers, salespeople and designers truly love this little rag. No amount of thanks can repay the debt we owe to these selfless individuals who, because of love and dedication, toil away hour after hour in our windowless cave to produce the nation's greatest student newspaper.

From Uncle Ian, to our composing goddess Meg, to our much missed Bobbie K, to the boys in advertising and our mom Sandy. From our 17 section editors who sacrifice so much for that little satisfaction each morning to our volunteer staff who summoned up the courage to visit our office one day and decided to stay for immeasurable amounts of time.

Thank you. Thank you a thousand times over for caring about this paper with the dedication and heart it so richly deserves.

The second labour of love is that expressed by our readers.

No one ever said reading this paper each day was going to be easy. One of the greatest, but often most frustrating elements of the student newspaper is its status as a tool of learning. This atmosphere of experimentation, growing and discovery produces some truly inspiring content on a daily basis, but, inevitably, it also produces mistakes.

But, we learn from our mistakes and we soldier on all the better for them.

Each day, dear reader, you are our toughest critics, our most thorough scrutinizers. But, when it matters, you are also our biggest supporters. Without you, The Gazette is nothing. Without you, we don't exist.

And for that, we don't thank you enough.

Thank you for your letters – especially those that complain about any part of this paper. Your criticisms and thoughts are taken very seriously and very dramatically affect the future course of this paper.

Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep coming up to the office to tell us what you think.

We'll keep writing, working and striving to make this paper better with each subsequent day and each subsequent year.

In the end, The Gazette depends on both our loves if it is to truly grow and shine.

Putting up?

Last Wednesday, The Gazette challenged Western president Paul Davenport to back up his "promise" (that no student would be denied access to Western for financial reasons) with cold, hard cash to the financial aid office.

First, it must be noted that our dear French knight does donate money to this university. But, it must also be noted that this amount falls below this paper's expectations and below what should be expected of a president who earns $237,000 and enjoys numerous other perks of the job.

We again challenge Dr. Davenport to put some action behind his promise and increase his financial contribution to this university's financial aid office.

You know where to reach us. We'll be waiting.

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