Volume 95, Issue 97

Tuesday, April 9, 2002
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Useless drivel?

Re: "Live from the Loft: U8TV's Annie gets freaky," Apr. 4

To the Editor:

I'm sorry, but the reason for this article eludes me. Is this supposed to be some cheap, gimmicky human interest piece?

What interest am I supposed to have? Why the fuck should I care? Is this Annie a Western alumnus? Has she showcased her exotic prancing skills for Western undergrads at some of the local hot spots, namely The Beef Baron or Solid Gold's?

How can this possibly matter to any of us students struggling to get by at Western? Not only is there no fucking point to this article wasting a half page of valuable newsprint, but a full page is even dedicated to some of the most lacklustre year-in-review photos I have ever seen.

What portion of my tuition went to pay for this drivel because I want it back, with interest.

Val Capuani

Arts II

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