Volume 95, Issue 97

Tuesday, April 9, 2002
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Ah memories - the Mustangs year in review

Who will be left standing at the finish line?

View from the isolated, yet superior corner

View from the isolated, yet superior corner

By Jordan Bell, Ryan Dixon and Dave Martin
Gazette Staff

For Whom the Bell Tolls

About a year ago, an extremely special person convinced me to use the writing talent I have and head over to the office of The Gazette.

I opened the door and witnessed various odd children bustling about. The decision I made in that split second – to stick around – has changed my life forever.

I eat, sleep and bleed sports and Western has provided a stomping ground for all that is special about young athletes busting their asses in the name of competition.

B-ballers Jimmy Grozelle and Andy Kwiatkowski, reminding us that we have our own 'Jordan and Pippen' competing on campus.

Squash 'star' Leah Bishop donating her entire being to the Purple and White.

The men's hockey team showing that heart can destroy offensive talent and prove a sporto drastically wrong. Jean Phillippe Pare – we own you buddy!

I understand the annoyance a sports journalist poses to athletes, but in this annoyance is a zest to expose Western's athletes for the remarkable people they are.

I'm runnin' down a dream – Toronto Raptors, here I come.

Standing O

The decision I made two years ago to become a nerd has done more to improve my social life than I could have ever imagined.

The same hands that failed me miserably playing sports seemed to find a niche writing about them. Merging two passions is tough at times, but this match has paid off more than I could have hoped.

When you write about something you love, there is a tendency to see things through a bittersweet lens. It's still very odd for me to be on the ice moments after a game-winning goal is scored, surrounded by the euphoria that only an overtime win can bring and look down only to realize I'm wearing shoes. I've always fancied myself to look better in skates – but I think I'm finding my footing.

The people I'm surrounded by have increased my love for sports. We've won the "Nerd Bowl" and we ruled the realm of student media in a bowling triumph for the ages. It's an introspective time in a man's life when he takes pride in bowling, but that's the power of this place.

Because of The Gazette, I have fiery friends to play squash and ping-pong with, a buddy who takes me to Leaf games and a life-long friend that will always listen to my problems and share her's over 18 holes of golf. Sports has served me well.

Marty's Mantra

The courage it took to open a scary white door (though on the third time by) during my frosh week has definitely led me down an entirely new, unbelievable life path.

Although my job here is to write, it's hard to find words to describe the experience of a Sporto student journalist, especially one who follows our purple and proud athletes.

Witnessing first-hand the true passion and love Western athletes and coaches have for their respected sports was certainly something special.

Out of a tonne of memories, here are a few that stand-out – sitting down with Olympic gold medalist Daniel Igali, being the closest fan to the action at sold-out Alumni Hall and Thompson Arena games and, most of all, travelling to Halifax with the basketball team, a trip that gave me an unforgettable experience.

What will stick in my heart and mind though are memories shared with my fellow editors, especially Sportos Dixon and Jordan, as it is life inside the scary white door that has made this job so worthwhile every step of the way.

Thanks to all for an incredible ride.

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