Volume 95, Issue 97
Tuesday, April 9, 2002
G'bye College
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Gazette Hockey Pool Results

The points have been totaled. Congratulations to Graig Richter, our Hockey Pool Winner. How did you fare?

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From a war zone to Western

Once he submerged himself in the politics of the Middle East, it was hard for Lorne Swartz to leave the culture behind without forming strong personal views on the historic conflict.

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Inmates restless over website

A group of Saugeen students are claiming their rights were transgressed when they were recently asked to take down a website that featured content relating to their residence floor.

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New condoms of no use at "new" Brescia

Dianne Cunningham made her way around campus Friday, changing school names and giving money to students for dirt, landfills and safe sex.

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New MIT dean no Dean Martin

As of July 1, 2002, Catherine Ross will be moving up from acting-dean to dean of the faculty of information and media studies at Western in what some hope will provide the faculty a new sense of "legitimacy."

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ęSandy Rule/Gazette
SO LONG FROM THE GAZETTE. Pictured above is the staff who diligently brought you Canada's only daily student newspaper, The Gazette. Inset: The three editors who forgot to set their clocks ahead for daylight savings time. (They're not really in university.)


Van Wilder ain't no Animal House

Almost 25 years after producing Animal House, the National Lampoon franchise is back with Van Wilder, another movie about wild and crazy college life.

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Ah memories - the Mustangs year in review

The 2001-2002 year in Mustang sports has come to an end. Gazette sports has experienced it all and decided to hand out the hardware. And unlike French figure skating judges, we're not corrupt.

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