Volume 95, Issue 67

Friday, February 1, 2002

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"It's really crappy out there"

By Chris Webden
Gazette Staff

Wacky winter weather has finally hit London, as Western students found themselves waking up yesterday to a surprise wonderland of snow and slush.

"I hate wet socks," said Josh Cornfield, a third-year political science student. "The sidewalks had slush up to my shins, I should have worn my flippers."

"It's really crappy out there," said Jaclyn Goodwillie, a first-year science student, standing in a large puddle collecting inside the entrance of University Community Centre.

"We have been waiting for this for a while, we are quite happy to finally see the snow again," said Laurie Fletcher, dispatcher of Doug's Luxury Lawn Maintenance and Snow Plowing.

Public workers also got a chance to drive their trucks, working to keep the roads and sidewalks under control.

"We sanded until four in the morning, when the snow started to get too heavy and then we brought out the snowplows and they have been working ever since," said John Parson, division manager of London's maintenance operations.

While the City took care of London streets, it was up to Western's physical plant workers to take care of campus roads and sidewalks.

"We were monitoring the weather and have been working through the night to make it easier for students in the morning," said Dave Riddell, associate VP-physical plant and capital planning.

With the high volume of wet sock complaints, it seems many students forgot to strap on their boots.

"I think there are a lot of complaints because most people just aren't used to this kind of weather. It has been so hot that people forget how bad winter usually is," said John MacNamara, a third-year administrative and commercial studies student.

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