Volume 95, Issue 67

Friday, February 1, 2002
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Weed warriors vow to fight on

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

Police are admitting high times for weed smokers are far from endangered, even after yesterday's nationwide drug raids.

Despite the $56 million worth of marijuana that police seized in yesterday's operation, law enforcers believe they have only taken a bud out of the home-growing market in Canada, said Det. Mike Klimm, spokesman for the York Region Police, who headed Wednesday's "Operation Green Sweep."

RCMP officers worked in conjunction with local authorities to seize drugs at 189 locations from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Klimm estimates there are upwards of 20,000 residential pot gardens in Canada.

"It's hard to say what impact [Wednesday's] work will have," Klimm said. "We haven't seen all the results yet – time will tell."

Police seized 36,201 plants and $3.8 million worth of equipment during the operation, Klimm said, adding 162 arrests took place and 367 charges have been laid.

Peter Young, owner of Organic Traveller – a local hemp paraphernalia shop, said police are lying to the public about the value of weed that was confiscated. He estimates, in the past, they have exaggerated the street value of the drug as much as 30 times.

"It's so unfortunate our society is so ignorant to certain facts," he added. "Police get to exaggerate and lie as much as they want. They have to exaggerate as a means of getting the necessary support for the amount of money they spend on these investigations."

"I wish all my neighbors were pot growers because they're the least likely to cause trouble since they don't want any heat on them," Young said. "They're quiet and kind and cut their grass everyday."

According to Const. Ryan Holland of the London Police Department, charges have been laid against nine adults and two young offenders who were arrested yesterday in London in connection with the raids.

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