Volume 95, Issue 67

Friday, February 1, 2002
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Western women in high places

Ja, der Rekombobulator

Western women in high places

Re: Editorial cartoon, Jan. 29

To the Editor:

The students of Western should be aware that the accuracy of Tuesday's cartoon criticizing women's involvement in Western politics, in relation to the successful women's leadership conference last weekend, is extremely inadequate.

The reason for this being that we have not had many female University Students' Council presidential candidates in the last few years – but we have had a good showing of women's involvement in student leadership positions at Western.

This year has seen a woman president at both Huron University College and obviously Brescia College. There are two very dedicated woman candidates for the president of the King's College Students' Council this year.

The Huron Orientation team was led by women, three of the four members of King's Orientation team were women and The Gazette's own review of the USC's board two weeks ago saw Erin McCloskey get the best grade of the group.

It doesn't make sense to me that The Gazette criticizes women's involvement in student politics when there is a significant amount of women in high places.

The Gazette should do a little research next time before generalizing about certain issues. Those women going for elected positions and those that were involved this year should be congratulated, not forgotten.

Ryan Mimnagh

History III

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