Volume 95, Issue 67
Friday, February 1, 2002
journalistic ethics

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Public war over CHRW airwaves
DJs battle USC for control

A dispute between DJs and the University Students' Council has broken out into open warfare over the airwaves of CHRW 94.7FM.

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"It's really crappy out there"

Wacky winter weather has finally hit London, as Western students found themselves waking up yesterday to a surprise wonderland of snow and slush.

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Grow up, cut your hair and get a job - ya hippie!

What do you get when you combine thousands of students, almost 100 employers and a $1,000 door prize incentive?

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USC presidential race "officially" set to begin

Yesterday, as four o'clock drew near in the University Students' Council office, one final candidate handed in his nomination form, bringing the final tally of USC presidential candidates to seven.

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©Nicole D'Cruz/Gazette
IT JUST WOULDN'T BE CANADA WITHOUT SLUSH. Nationalists rejoiced at the return of our nation's most valuable resource: a miserable winter - Canada's leading cause of folk songs and endless bitching.


Where's Waldo? We found him

Waldo's of London proves one man's meal is another man's canvas.

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New England ready to be Rammed

he Rams will be winning and capitalists everywhere are grinning - the Super Bowl is upon us kids.

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