Volume 95, Issue 67

Friday, February 1, 2002
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Yank interests

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Yank interests

Re: "The economics of feeding Afghanistan," Jan 29

To the Editor:

Certain topics are so controversial that most responses just slip away from logic into emotional delusion. America's War on Terrorism – however tragically caused – must still be considered with reason.

Brad Kelly is right in that we must all be critical of the media, especially CNN. America is now the only super power in the global world and, as always, is myopically focused on their own interests.

America has never been interested in standing up for other people unless it benefits them. There are countless examples, all hushed by the mainstream media – the genocide in East Timor for example.

When America does engage in conflicts with other nations, the media depicts it as if the United States is fighting against tyrants in the name of liberty. I am not ruling out that this may be a side-effect on occasion, but often this is just a false claim.

America is fighting for its own security and to annihilate any possibility of a second powerhouse forming in the Asian world.

The Taliban is a government and could have no say in the actions of a terrorist group. Terrorism does not have allegiance to any country – it is unofficial.

Would you have felt better, Kelly, if the Taliban did drop aid packages into New York City? I believe there would still be an American war in the Middle East.

It is not in America's interest to unite the Muslims, communists, democrats and Christians in a common diplomatic cause against terrorism. This was an opportunity to work together against anti-governmental organizations but America is far too busy defending people's freedoms, right? I don't think so.

Graeme Lottering

Classical Studies III

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