Volume 95, Issue 73

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

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Slackers are all about love, baby

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Slackers are all about love, baby

By Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

A lot of great things have come out of New York City and The Slackers are no exception.

No one is sure what causes so many people to fall for this band to the extreme they do, but one thing is for sure, The Slackers are all about love.

It's pointless to label the band's music, as it is so varied and diverse that any description will leave out some important element slow, uplifting, R&B, feel-good music featuring one of the best horn duos alive.

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Drummer Allen Teboul has a unique perspective as he is a fan who became a band member.

"I think people fall in love with the music because we sing a lot about what happens to us. It is about struggles with women, life and finding yourself. People identify with it. We are a band that care about the fans. It is almost like a big family," he says.

Since joining the band, Teboul has noticed he has caught the infectious "no worries" bug The Slackers are famous for spreading.

"[Joining] has done a lot of good for my soul. I am a happier person and they're always doing something new. It was a natural transition and has had nothing but positive effects on my life.

"Some people didn't notice. Someone even called me [the former drummer] Zoolu," Teboul laughs. "Other people noticed a difference in the drum styles. I really got some definite approval from people."

Another bonus of joining, according to Teboul, is the balance he brings to the group.

"Vic [Ruggerio] is very eccentric underline eccentric. Dave [Hillyard] is more reserved and not an easy guy to read. Glen [Pine] is witty, sarcastic and when he's around, you gotta' laugh. Qmaxx is a very wacky individual he is all over the place. Marcus [Geard] is a more critical Joe. He doesn't criticize to hurt, he just wants everything to be tight. T.J. Scalion is a straight guy and me, I am pretty weird," Teboul laughs.

"The Slackers are like a bunch of brothers, always bickering but really just breaking each others balls like brothers do. The only major turmoil we ever have is financial being a musician is not lucrative, no one is in it for the money."

Unfortunately, the band's last London show, which was to be their first in the city, was cancelled because they were unable to get across the border due to past trouble with the law. This time will be different, Teboul stresses.

"We have been working with [the Canadian Customs authorities] and hopefully they will cut us some slack. We gotta stay positive. We definitely love all our fans and we wanna come into Canada invasion-style and rip it up. Just tell the border patrol not to freak out.

"This is definitely one of the better things I could have done with my life. With the music, it all comes together."

The Slackers bring their love invasion to Call The Office tonight. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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