Volume 95, Issue 73
Tuesday, February 12, 2002

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"Excitement can only spread"

University Students' Council presidential hopefuls entered the Zoo Sunday night as the campaign reached its midway point.

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Website rates profs
Dr. Mike deemed "sexy"

A growing website allows university students to rate their professors on integral qualities like helpfulness, clarity – and sexiness.

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Jimmy Flaherty cases Western for voters

Deputy Premier and Ontario Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty held a question and answer session on campus yesterday in an effort to boost support for his Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership bid.

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Drunkards steal squash trophy

Western's varsity squash team was robbed of a championship last week – literally.

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©Holly Mitchell/Gazette
"UUUHHH... ABOUT THIS MUCH." Finance Minister Jim Flaherty answers how much he likes university. He was at Western Monday as part of his Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership bid.


Simply set, Macbeth's age-old story still stuns

Did a curse cast a shadow on the opening night of this tragic tale?

The Grand Theatre's new production of Macbeth descends from a long line of London productions superstitiously-dubbed "The Scottish Play" due to the history of mysterious accidents that have befallen previous troupes.

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Rookies shine against Waterloo

In a symbolic 'passing of the torch,' the departing seniors gave way to the emerging rookies in women's volleyball at Alumni Hall on Saturday.

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