Volume 95, Issue 73

Tuesday, February 12, 2002
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Swimming in a pool of roommate love

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Swimming in a pool of roommate love

Re: "Swimmers get wet and wild at OUAs," Feb. 6

To the Editor:

I am writing to recognize a member of the varsity swim team who I feel was neglected in the article concerning the results of their Ontario University Athletics meet.

My roommate, Christine Jaeggi, had the meet of her life a week ago. She swam the first round of the 200 metre butterfly, finished with a personal best time and tied for eighth place.

The tie meant she had to swim in a swim-off against a girl from Waterloo who had beaten her in a previous competition. Christine put her heart into this race by defeating the Waterloo girl and also receiving another personal best time.

Christine had received two personal best times in one day, but unfortunately they were not at Canadian Interuniversity Sport time standards. She had one chance left in the finals of the 200 metre butterfly and, as a demonstration of her desire to attend the CIS finals, she came through for a third personal best time of the day.

This time was fourteen one-hundredths of a second faster than the required time and she will now be heading to the CIS finals at the University of British Columbia in two weeks!

I just wanted to make sure she received the recognition she deserves because her dedication to this team has been incredible! She has perfect attendance at practice and has the most team spirit of anyone I know.

She is an amazing person and this is the perfect outcome for all her determination! I'm very proud of her and want to wish her good luck at the CIS finals in two weeks!

Jamie Reaburn

Honours English/Sociology II

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