Volume 95, Issue 74

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

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Cope debuts on top

Citizen Cope

Citizen Cope


Five stars (out of five)

Life isn't fair. If it were, Citizen Cope would be as big today as Elvis Presley was in his time.

While Elvis shocked many people by thrusting his midsection and crooning about "lovin' his baby," Citizen Cope is certain to shock those that actually get to hear him with his astoundingly original blend of acoustic rock, reggae, funk, blues and hip-hop.

Opening strong with the track "Contact," it is evident that the multi-talented Clarence Greenwood (aka Citizen Cope) has created an original, musically-diverse record. The track features Greenwood's smooth voice alternating between rapping and singing over a layer of at least 10 different instruments, including clarinet and organ. Greenwood's strong political consciousness is also evident, as he sings about his desire to educate America's youth through music.

Other standout tracks on this disc include the gorgeous, funky ballad, "If There's Love," which feature romantic lyrics that have the potential to rival any Shakespearean sonnet and the first single "Let the Drummer Kick," which transmits a powerful message about the healing power of music.

Despite traces of everyone from Marvin Gaye to John Lennon, Citizen Cope is an innovator – not an imitator.

–Maggie Wrobel

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