Volume 95, Issue 74

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

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Porn o' Plenty

Coming of Age
Jill Kelly, Keri Windsor, Lola
Directed By: Jill Kelly

By Christopher Hodge
Gazette Staff

Director and actress Jill Kelly's new adult movie, Coming of Age, begins innocently enough.

The movie opens with Keri Windsor looking wistfully into the horizon from the balcony of a luxurious mansion. Next, the film cuts to the frisky little star in a tropical bikini, feeding crumbs to large, red exotic fish in front of a cascading waterfall before cutting to her feeding oats to a large, bewildered gray horse in a stable.

And then the humping starts.

To "review" a porn movie in any conventional sense of the word is to miss the whole point. Pornos are not meant to be great films. They are not million dollar epics or special effects extravaganzas.

Rather, they are a specific niche of movies found in the underbelly of modern cinema.

With that in mind, Coming of Age is nothing less then a buffet feast of porn served with a side of plot. Yet in actuality, there really is no plot.

The sound quality and screenwriting are so poorly constructed that it becomes difficult to decipher any coherent storyline in between the many sex feasts that preoccupy the majority of the film.

From what can be strung together, the story revolves around a party celebrating Keri Windsor's coming of age. Of course, this is where the logic gets a bit fuzzy, as Keri is obviously well into her late 20s and living on her own without any parental supervision in a mansion only a drug lord could afford.

The camera crew or, more specifically, whoever it was holding the handheld camera, made it a point to get as close to the action as possible.

They're right in there and it's quite an achievement on the part of the stars that they didn't hit their heads on the camera lenses while they were bobbing up and down.

There is little editing to speak of in the film. Once the trademark porn music is cued and the actors start going at it, the camera remains focused on them until they have climaxed.

Coming of Age is campy in its approach and hilarious in its sloppy execution. After all, it is a porno and the audience gets what they paid for.

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